Art that brings joy!

Jamie Palmer Keating is an artist and art teacher located in New England. She works in printmaking, illustration, woodcarving and graphic design to create artwork that brings joy to its viewers. Working in bold colors and vibrant themes, Jamie has created multiple alphabets and a series of works for all ages. Her goal is always to spread joy and delight with her art!

  • Alphabet Collection

    Share love, joy, art and education with these unique gifts in five different themes; farm, underwater, prehistoric, New England and magical creatures.

    Alphabet Collection 
  • Sculpture

    One-of-a-kind hand-carved and painted whale sculptures by Jamie. Ranging in size, these original pieces are a perfect add for the ocean lover in your life.

  • Stickers!

    Make a statement with vibrant and durable stickers for water bottles and computers. Express yourself with unique designs!


Give the gift of art!

Alphabet Collection

Alphabet Collection

All five joyful alphabets created by Jamie Palmer Keating. Spread joy through the gift of... 

Just Sayin' (Quotes and other joyful stuff!)

Just Sayin' (Quotes and other joyful stuff!)

A quirky collection of quote art that's fun and refreshing! 

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A closer look at the making of "Octopuses Garden"